2018: Day of honor from the municipality of Maroussi

G. Patoulis: "People like Vasilis Vagiannis are a national capital for our city and our country. We thank him and wish him to continue to be the same creative, distinct and make Maroussi and all of us proud " In an emotionally charged atmosphere, the honorable "tribute" was celebrated by the renowned, internationally renowned painter Maroussi, Vasilis Vagiannis, for his fifty-year contribution to art. The artist was awarded by the Mayor of Maroussi Giorgos Patoulis, in front of a crowd that flooded the hall of the Municipal Council of Maroussi.


"Today we honor a man who, through his work. has honored our city and our country in a variety of ways. People like Vasilis Vagiannis are national capital. We thank him and wish him to continue to be the same creative, distinct and make Maroussi and all of us proud"


On the occasion of the completion of a half century of art and culture, the Mayor of Maroussi and the Municipal Council of the city handed honorable praise to Vasilis Vayianis, a distinguished painter of the city of Amaroussion, for his 50-year contribution to arts and art in Greece but also in the world ", a gilded ceramic relief of Artemis Amarysis, a work of Marousiotes ceramists, and a historical album for the city of Maroussi.


His artwork by Vasilis Vagiannis has received commendable remarks and awards. Acquired, he continues to work by offering to the public a work of high aesthetics so as to be one of the most important contemporary Greek painters with international reputation and recognition. Vasilis Vagiannis's painting has been influenced by romance, primitive memories, Byzantine culture, Aegean issues, heroic pages of Greek history and Greek poetry.

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  • George KInousis
  • Mariliza Papadouri and Dimitris Papagelidis
  • Nickos Parisis
  • Sophia Papadimitropoulou
  • A tour at the exhibit hall from V.Vagiannis
  • A room full of people watching the ceremony
  • Mayor of Maroussi and Mayor of Penteli
  • Plaquet of honor
  • Plaquet of honor