Symbols in my paintings

HORSE: A symbol of friendship, companionship, power, wisdom, courtesy, optimism and joy. Specifically, the white horse represents the clear mind, the innocence, the life, the light and is riding by heroes. The galloping of the horse parallels with the beating of the heart.     


a. The move of the wind. Up in the air material is sparse, tent to metaphysical  
b. Spirit - Pnévma  (anc. Greek)= wind
c. “Spirit is the God”
d. Renewal


ROCK: The stability .


GULLS:  Mental uplift and relief, inner freedom. 


OLIVE TREE: A sacred tree (in antiquity and Christianity).


SUN _ LIGHT: Hellas means “the light” of wisdom of ancient Greeks.


CURVED LINES: Emotion, sneezing, feeling.


ΒΟΑΤ: The life journey.


ANCIENT GREEK COLUMN: The Ancient Greek spirit that elevates us.


ANCIENT GREEK BUILDING: Protection, security, stability.


MUSIC INSTRUMENTS: Sensitivity, mental culture, harmony, eurhythmy.


WATER: Life begins in water.  


DRY LEAVES:  The nature and consequence of the concept is the soul of the man who is thirsty to be cooled in the womb of eternal life.

a. Fantasy spheres
b. The creation
c. Our soul the journey
d. Transformation 


GATE: Passing to another, higher level of consciousness. Enlargement of perception.


OLIVE CROWN: Wreath of Victory. Stem of efforts and struggles.