About Vasilis Vagiannis

Vasilis Vayiannis was born in Greece where he presently lives and works. In Paris, France, he completed his studies in Physics, Chemistry and Ecology while simultaneously, attending the Academy of Fine Arts. Upon completion in 1980, he decided to pursue professionally art.

During his time in Paris, in 1974, he held his first individual exhibition.  This was followed by an estimated sixty others in cities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Cyprus and several large cities in Greece. Also, he participated in numerous exhibitions alongside other artists. Furthermore, he has directed plays in France, in Cyprus and in several municipalities in Attiki, Athens, Greece.

In all places where he has shown his work, extensive praise has been bestowed on him by members of the media.  Also, he has received rave reviews and awards.  

Vasilis Vayiannis has been highly influenced by Romanticism, the history and mythology of Ancient Greece and the poetry of renowned Greek poets.  Also, he uses concepts of mathematics and physics in his paintings.